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Services Policy and Certifications


Our Priority is Quality

Sebat Proje is a company providing Engineering Services, and always provides the work according to the Client’s terms and conditions. In this regard, the satisfaction of the customer provided high quality products and services is a priority order in SEBAT Proje’s Quality and Environmental Policies.

Quality and Environmental Policy

SEBAT Proje’s Quality and Environmental Policy created by the relevant departments, which are the compatible with the Quality and Environmental Policies of the works carried out by SEBAT, includes the following principles:
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the Environmental Management Systems and continually improving the effectiveness of the system.
  • Working in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and other terms related with our industry.
  • Not falling below the level of the companies producing similar services concerning the quality of the products and the ultimate goal is to provide the highest level of quality service in the market, surpassing the competing undertaking
  • Meeting the requirements specified by the customer’s specifications and expectations of the customers at the highest level.
  • Providing the qualified works carried out by SEBAT’s partner and ensuring that the final product SEBAT Proje served should not be affected adversely.
  • The required measures have to be taken to minimize the effects damaging the environment while working on site and planning the work. Preventing polluting, an effective HSE awareness will be built.
  • Following and implementing the developments in science and technology to increase the quality level and efficiency. For this purpose, sending technical staff to national or international seminars, symposiums and conferences related with the activities in which SEBAT is involved.
  • Minimizing the mistakes occured during services and saving time.
  • Rotating newly recruited young staff at all levels under the control of supervision of experienced and making them to work on real project to gain experience, and assessing the proposals concerning the Quality Management Systems.
  • To achieve the desired level of quality targets to protect the peaceful working environment that has been created in SEBAT Proje.
  • To adopt the idea that we will contribute to the development of the country with the works we have carried out and which we will perform.
  • No job should be important and urgent as far as endangering environment and human health. Ensuring the safety and environment first.
  • No accident is unavoidable . Employees must believe the prevention of environmental and occupational accidents.

Consulting Services

During the performing of the Gas Pipeline Project and other engineering projects, the official counseling services are being got from 5 different universities.

  • Konya Selçuk University – (Controlling and approval of the orthophoto map produces by the photogrammetric method of flight),
  • Yıldız Teknik University – (Controlling of the offshore crossing projects),
  • Tokat Gazi Osmanpaşa University – (Controlling of geodetic works),
  • The studies conducted with Teknokent in Karadeniz Teknik Üniversity,
  • Ankara Üniversity – (Inspection services related to real estate valuation)

It is being got services from International companies for Natural Gas Pipeline Projects;

  • Finnmap (Fillandiya) – (During the production of orthophoto, producing DTM with LIDAR technique)
  • Tractebel Engineering (GDF SUEZ) Germany – FEED design for Natural Gas Pipeline Compresor stations, supervising and approval services for other engineering works carried on pipeline projects).
  • Zeetech Engineering (Netherlands) – Preliminary engineering services for crossing the Dardanelles for 17km.
  • Steag Engineering (Germany/Türkiye) – Services including feasibility studies for power generation from waste heat.