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Kadastral Harita Üretimi

Total number of cadastrate parcel which have benn produced within scope of 20 works in KKTC (TRNC) and Turkey is nearly more than 1 million

The following work items are executed by Sebat Proje Müh. Müş. Tic. Ltd. Şti. within the scope of the work;

  • Updating of information, documents and map belonging the application area,
  • Geodesic studies (on the terrain; laying, measurement and installation of C1, C2,C3,C4 triangulation and polygon network. At the office, their adjustment and reporting.)
  • Digitalization of Cadastral hard plan,
  • Measurement of Cadastrate work area borders,
  • Preparation of all Field survey,
  • Preparation of all desk up study,
  • Sketch operations,
  • Production of didital cadastral maps,