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ITE Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (ITE)

The natural gas of Iran and Turkmenistan is aimed to be transferred to Europe through Turkey via Iran Turkey Europe Natural Gas Pipeline Project. “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed on the date of 17th of November, 2008 between The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkish Republic and The Ministry of Oil of Islamic Republic of Iran for the transit pass of Iran natural gas over Turkey.  The diameter of the project is 56 inch. The working pressure is 92 bars. Project’s service life is predicted as 40 years.

For Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project, the services of “obtaining institution opinions, geodesy, photogrammetry, geotechnics, nationalization, immovable asset evaluation” are being carried out by Sebat Proje Mühendislik Müşavirlik Tic. LTD. ŞTİ. On behalf of SOCAR.

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The approximate length of the pipeline route within Turkey from Iran border up to Greece border will be approximately 1789 km, and its diameter will be 56 inches. The approximate total length of the project is about 5.000 km. The target for the annual amount of gas to be transmitted to Europe with the project has been determined to be 35 billion m3.

Technical Data;

  • Transmission capacity : 35 billion m3 /year
  • Annual number of operation days : 330 days/ year
  • Transmission and transfer capacity : 4.4 million m3 /hour
  • Maximum operational pressure : 92 bar (ANSI 600 lb)
  • Pipe diameter/ quality of steel : 56” / API 5L-X70

Work Items;

  • Technical feasibility study,
  • Study, preliminary route, route and pipe axis determination,
  • As-Built works,
  • Obtaining the necessary permissions from public institutions and organizations,
  • Geodesy & Photogrammetry engineering services,
  • Orthophoto, vector map and level plan preparation,
  • Geology & Geotechnical and Geophysical studies,
  • Large river and Marmara Sea Crossing Engineering Services,
  • Pipeline Engineering design, (Above – ground plants, compressor station, PIG station, measurement station, line valves)
  • Alignment sheet preparatio
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, obtaining “EIA Positive Certificate”,
  • Obtaining “ESIA” positive report,
  • Land Acquisiton Plan / Expropriation engineering Services,
  • Asset identification services,
  • Immovable asset evaluation services,
  • Occupational health and safety management and control,
  • Project Quality Assurance and Quality Control,
  • Preparation of Risk Management plan,
  • Project Management and operation plan preparation,
  • Preparation of Construction Management plan,
  • Establishment and operation of GIS,